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Eugie Foster

OutlantaCon/Gaylaxicon 2011 Schedule

I’ll be a guest again this year at OutlantaCon, which is this weekend. (Gah! How did it get to be mid-May already?) Got my schedule this morning from the convention folks, and I’m only doing one panel:

  • “Marketing and Publicity” – A look at how to make the public aware of your work and create an audience. With Keith Hartman. Sun (5/15) 11AM-Noon, Centennial III.

The programming director originally had me doing a solo panel/Q&A, but I bowed out of it. I hate those. Public speaking trepidation and anxiety notwithstanding, I never know what to say or do when it’s just me up there. Plus I can’t imagine why anyone would come specifically to see me mumble and fidget for an hour. So this will be a nice, low-key convention for me. Looking forward to some good ole-fashioned hanging out.

Hope to see folks there!

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