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Frolicon 2011 Schedule

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I’ll be a guest at Frolicon this weekend (yep, back-to-back conventions right after session; scheduling is so not my forte) and saw that the 2011 panel schedule was now up on their website. I’m scheduled for these Think Track panels:

  • “Ask a Writer” – What do you want to know about how writers do what they do? With Trinity, Stacia Kane, Shakir Rahsaan, and Nikita. Fri (4/22) 11AM-12:30PM, Boardroom.
  • “The Next Big Thing: Trends and Trendiness” – What trends and fads are in genre-land. With Shakir Rahsaan, Cherie Priest, and Stacia Kane. Fri (4/22) 4:15-5:45PM, Boardroom.
  • “YA: Not just for kids anymore” – Anyone who thinks books for “young adults” are tame and boring, doesn’t know anything about the genre. With Trinity, Lord Cailleach, and Cecilia Tan. Sat (4/23) 4:15-5:45PM, Frankfurt

Hope to see folks there!


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