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December Lights Project: Holiday Gifts of Free Short Stories Throughout the Month of December

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Received an email from the lovely and talented Stephanie Burgis inviting me to take part in a project she and her also-extremely-talented husband, Patrick Samphire, are putting together: the December Lights Project. It’s an online compilation of short stories to make you laugh, provide some warmth and good cheer, and generally make you feel good about the world, all for free, as a gift to readers this holiday season. Every story is guaranteed to have a happy ending, and several are already up—with new ones going up several times a week throughout the month.

“What a wonderful idea and a lovely sentiment,” thought I. So of course I told Steph to count me in. Stay tuned for an announcement of when my December Lights contribution goes up.

And herein a list of the writers who will be a part of December Lights:

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