Eugie Foster (eugie) wrote,
Eugie Foster

Novel at First Draft But Printer Pushing Up the Daisies

Finished my last zero draft pass on the novel. In these several zero draft passes, I ended up adding approximately 1.8K words. The novel is now officially at first draft and ready for critique. Yay!

However, our trooper of a printer gave up the ghost several months back, and we’ve been limping along with a backup printer–accommodated somewhat by the cosmos which has not required us to print out many documents recently. But now, as I discovered after printing out the first thirty pages of Demon Queller, the backup printer is officially kaput as well.

Sigh. Time to buy a new printer.

Guess I should be grateful that our primary printer, an Epson Stylus inkjet, lasted for so long. Haven’t needed to get a new printer in around ten years; that’s a pretty decent run. But I’m irritated that we need to now.

So, any recommendations for a low-frills, low-maintenance, workhorse-esque inkjet? Otherwise, we’ll probably end up getting another Epson. (The backup was a Canon, and it was not a workhorse.)


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