Eugie Foster (eugie) wrote,
Eugie Foster

Fantasm, no Pimps & Hos, and Shakespeare tonight

Went to the Fantasm staff meeting yesterday. Agh. The traffic was miserable. Road construction bad. Evil, evil road construction. Made it there nearly half an hour late. Sigh. But Matthew was able to get with several people he needed to, while I tried not to get in anyone's way and got to smile and wave at several folks I haven't seen since, hmm, last Fantasm.

The high point was going out for dinner at the Melting Pot with yakdog, girlsonfilm, weswilson, Andy-of-no-LJ, and debgirl001. Excellent fondue, complicated cooking tong arrangements and dipping sauces, and good company. What more could anyone ask for?

Went home afterward to check on the little Hob and get our pimp/ho costumes constructed and as soon as we walked through the door, Hobkin launched himself into our arms (well, at my ankle really) and clung. Poor little guy. He was very lonely and very huggy.

Feeling not 100% still, and not having a heart of ice, we decided, reluctantly, that the best course of action would be to skip out on the "Pimps and Hos" party. Pook. Matthew had his "Cosmic Superpimp" ensemble (complete with obscene ray gun) all set out, and I was going to reprise my "Jailbait Girl" costume. But, considering how touch-and-go my immune system has been, immersing me in smoke, alcohol, and a very late night out just didn't seem like a good idea. Sigh. Hate being sick.

We've got tickets to the Shakespeare Tavern tonight to see A Christmas Carol. Almost forgot with all the busy weekend things whirling about.

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