Eugie Foster (eugie) wrote,
Eugie Foster

Editing Pass on Taijiya Zero Draft Done!

Finished my editing pass on the zero draft of the not-brainy-but-no-longer-stupid novel, a.k.a. Taijiya, last night. Made my November 1 deadline! *woot*

Ended up adding something like 1,400 words. Funny thing, when I do editing passes on short works, I tend to cut-cut-cut.  Most of the content edits I did on Taijiya involved fleshing out scenes.

Also thinking of changing the title to Demon Queller, which is actually what “taijiya” means. Not sure which conveys “medieval fantasy set in Japan” better. Kinda feeling that it’s a toss-up between, “Taijiya? What in heck is that about? Pass.” And “Demon Queller? Isn’t that horror? Pass.” Or maybe I should throw my Scrabble tiles back into the bag and pick a new batch…

Still want to do another read-through/edit of certain sections, check some continuity issues, massage a scene transition that seemed rough but couldn’t put my finger on why—that sort of thing. Then I’m foisting it on critiquers.


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