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Stupid Novel Progress: Petting the Plot Bunnies

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Plowed through four chapters of The Stupid Novel today. Including rewrites and ruthless cutting, I netted a total of 1.3K words. I think there’s a decent chance the last hour or so of prose might be of the “See Jane nod. Nod, Jane, nod” variety, but it was chok full of plot bunnies. I’ll get some carrots and see if the bunnies are as hoppity tomorrow when I have a fresh morning brain instead of the tired bedtime one I’m currently sporting.

G’night bunnies. G’night brain. G’night Stupid Novel.


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On October 13th, 2010 06:24 am (UTC), ich_bin_die_ruh commented:
So cute: 'plowed'!

... It's the little things.
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