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Top 10 Fun Droid Apps

Rounding out my series of Top 10 Droid apps, herein my Top 10 Fun/Entertainment Apps (in alphabetical order):

  1. Aldiko Book Reader: Read and download thousands of books, most for free, or import your own ePub files. Excellent and customizable navigation and viewing, including font color, margins, bookmarks, etc.
  2. Bubble: When I first reviewed my Droid, I said that I couldn’t find an app to enable me to use my Droid as a level. Silly me.
  3. Droid Comic Viewer: An image, comic, and manga viewer that can open CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, JPG, PNG, and BMP files and image folders.
  4. Listen: Podcast catcher. Searches, subscribes, downloads, and streams.
  5. Google Sky Map: Your own personal planetarium on your phone.
  6. MagicMarker: A touch-paint program for writing and drawing neon on a black background.
  7. Metal Detector: Yes, it turns your Droid into a metal detector. How cool is that?
  8. Torch and ColorFlashlight Fun Flashlight: Another two-fer. Torch turns the Droid’s LED camera flash into a flashlight and provides a widget for the home screen. Also has strobe and Morse code FX. ColorFlashlight Fun Flashlight turns the Droid’s screen into a flashlight. Again with various FX.
  9. Pandora: Personalized Internet radio goodness.
  10. Streaming television shows.

And some honorable mentions that didn’t make my Top 10 lists.

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