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Hobkin Update: Why I Overslept This Morning

Thank you, everyone, for the outpouring of support and sympathy. I’ve taken strength from the knowledge that so many people have been pulling for Hobkin during these past couple weeks.

Hobkin had another good night, and this one was without any furosemide. The vet told us to take him off it as it seems that his heart meds (pimobendan and enalapril) are effective enough for now to keep the fluid from building up in his lungs. Of course, we’re to put him right back on the furosemide if he starts having breathing problems again.

His hind legs are still weak, particularly his right one, but I found discussion on several veterinary sites about how dilated cardiomyopathy frequently causes blood clots to form that often lodge in the primary artery of the abdomen, blocking the blood supply to the rear legs and tail. This starves the muscles of the legs and tail of oxygen, causing them to become limp, resembling spinal cord damage and/or paralysis. Haven’t been able to find much discussion about what to do about this, although they say that the clots usually dissolve slowly, returning limb function.

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