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Dragon*Con Killed Me, Getting Better

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Was slayed by baby vampires yesterday at Dragon*Con:

(Photo by krysalys)

Arose from the dead today to the realization that Dragon*Con is over.

Had much fun. Had less sleep than I've ever had at a D*C (which is saying something). Did not win a Hugo but did get a lovely prezzie—gift certificates to Spa Sydell—from my D*C co-workers which made me go all smoffy and waaah-you-guys-loveyouall-waah!

More complete post to come.
I'm feeling:
drained drained
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On September 11th, 2010 01:56 am (UTC), eugie commented:
Argh, you were the photographer? I was too dead to see whose finger was on the shutter. Sorrysorry! Attribution fixed.

It was a pleasure meeting you, and thanks so much for all your help! I greatly appreciate the rescue inhaler availability. Glad I didn't need it, but knowing it was there in case I did was a great de-stresser. (Plus, you *know* if I hadn't had it, I would have asphyxiated. Cuz the cosmos loves its irony it do...)
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On September 11th, 2010 02:09 am (UTC), krysalys replied:
Argh, you were the photographer?

No worries, milady. I'd sent it to Desi and the vamp!babies' "mom", since you seemed to be oh-so-embarrassed about being caught like that. Heh. Sleep deprivation RULES.

I know all about that fickle fate... the one time I thought I wouldn't need my rescue inhaler, I did. I SO did. Which is why I brought three to the Con, since that made it that much surer I wouldn't need it. Which I could only share with you, so that you didn't have to suffer the same ignominious situation. ;)

So how much do you love the pixy-stix? XD
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