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Dragon*Con Tomorrow? *brain fizzing*

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Unable to comprehend how Dragon*Con can be tomorrow. Haven't even started packing and various logistics and complexities are piling up into a tragic dark comedy.

- Discovered that my laptop battery will no longer hold a charge. Unplug it and it dies in two minutes.
- No wifi in the Hyatt lobby means we need a 3G option to stream the Hugo ceremony on Sunday. I volunteered my laptop with tethered Droid. See above re: dead laptop battery. Hoping I can mooch an extension cord from Tech Ops...assuming there's a public A/C outlet I can plug into somewhere in the buffet area. Also, as much as I love my ultraportable VAIO, its 11.1" screen is really not meant for group presentations. (Unrelated to tech issues, I'm also way wide-eyed and eeping about the Hugos in general.)
- Due to the hotel renovations, dire_epiphany can't get a hotel for tonight so we need to figure a way to get the key to Daily Dragon headquarters (which we share with photography, DCTV, and signage) to me so I can be on-site early tomorrow to start the print run of Thursday's issue.
- And that's not even touching upon the sickness and death that's hitting close convention folks...and I'm not being figurative.

Add to that:
- Got a last minute (paying, so I'm not about to turn it down) rush editing job where I won't receive the copy until tomorrow, due by end-of-day Friday.
- I have run through my Friday guest talk, "Marketing Short Fiction," for Ann Crispin's writers workshop all of *once*. Traditional freaking about that commencing big-time. Gah!
- I have done zero prep for the panels I'm on.
- In time-honored Dragon*Con tradition, I have had an average of three hours of sleep a night for the last week.

And I'm pretty sure the cosmos must be yukking it up.

Calmblueocean. Calmblueocean.
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On September 1st, 2010 01:15 pm (UTC), noelleleithe commented:
Don't know if it helps re: key, but I'll be at the Hyatt tonight.
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On September 1st, 2010 01:19 pm (UTC), eugie replied:
It does. A lot! Or it may. Did you get my email?
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On September 2nd, 2010 02:13 am (UTC), ich_bin_die_ruh commented:
Guess it's not likely to be a help as I never get help with my own editing projects, but I can help with the job if that would free you up to go and stress at something else. I promise not to add Us or Ss or omit the offending serial comma. Also tell me anything else I can do from a seated or prone position.
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