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Nebula Mass Signing and Financial Planning for Writers

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Taking a break from madly packing to look over my Nebula Weekend schedule.

Aside from the Atlantis shuttle launch on Friday morning/afternoon, the mass book signing is also slated for Friday at 6:00 PM at the Hilton. Check out the horde of us who'll be there:

Paolo Bacigalupi, Neal Barrett, Jr. (SFWA Author Emeritus), Christopher Barzak, Ben Bova, Richard Bowes, Jeffrey A. Carver, Adam-Troy Castro, Kathryn Cramer, A. C. Crispin, Sarah Beth Durst, Marianne Dyson, Eugie Foster, Carolyn Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman, Joe W. Haldeman (SFWA Grand Master), David Hartwell, Peter J. Heck, Kij Johnson, James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, Ted Kosmatka, Mary Robinette Kowal, Edward M. Lerner, Lee Martindale, Jack McDevitt, Will McIntosh, China Mieville, John Moore, James Morrow, John Scalzi, Stanley Schmidt, Bud Sparhawk, Allen Steele, Catherynne Valente, Rick Wilber, and Connie Willis.

I'm rather awed that I'll be amongst so many fabulous and accomplished writers. Can't imagine there'll be much of anyone clamoring for my siggy, but it'll be amazing just being there.

Also scheduled to be on a panel on Saturday at 11AM, "Sound Financial Planning for Writers." The panel coordinator, when she asked if I'd like to be on this one, also asked if I wanted to be on "Social Networking." I replied: "Social Networking," yes, "Financial Planning," only if you can't find anyone else, and went on to explain that I'm not an authority, professional in the financial industry, etc., etc. After a bit of back-and-forth about my financial practices and philosophy, I somehow ended up on it anyway.

And I see that I'm not slated to be on the "Social Networking" panel after all. If I'd known then that they were only scheduling folks to do one panel, I would've totally gone with "Social Networking" over "Financial Planning." Urg. Well, for folks who attend it, I'll be the quiet panelist nodding along in agreement (and/or taking notes) when the other panelists are providing sage advice and information to the audience.

On a completely different subject, I'm packing no fewer than three sunscreens for the weekend (my everyday SPF 30 moisturizing sunscreen, a spray-on SFP 45 "sports" sunscreen—for if I should decide to actually don my swimsuit and risk full-body sun exposure—and an uber SPF 60+ sunscreen for the shuttle launch) which may also be the number of pairs of shoes I'm bringing. Although I'm still debating that. Might need four pairs...
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On May 12th, 2010 03:46 pm (UTC), samhenderson commented:
I hope you have a fantastic time!
And I'm glad to see there are panels - I was very disappointed when there weren't any at the LA Nebulas.
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On May 12th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC), yukinooruoni commented:
I think, and hope, you will be surprised at the people wanting your siggy.

I read quite a bit, and you're the fourth biggest name I recognize there (and the others only because I ran into them before I met you! Though, I met you BECAUSE of Ann Crispin, for which I shall forever be grateful to her!)

I do recognize a number of the other names, of course, but am more familiar with you work than theirs.

You absolutely belong there, and anyone not wanting your Eugie Foster is a git :P
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On May 13th, 2010 12:23 am (UTC), jennyblackford commented:
Take four pairs of shoes. If I go to anything in the US I have to carry shoes a Very Long Way - but I've realized over some decades of travel that not taking enough shoes is a mistake. It severely restricts the ourfits you can make from the limited clothes you can pack, and can be a disaster if the weather changes. Have a great time!
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