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Writing Update: Rampion Turning into a Novella?

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Little over 3K new words on "Rampion." Still the same working title. Tore out a whole scene in a fit of "feh" which required several new scenes to replace. Now the stupid thing is pushing the limits of novelette length and threatening to spill into being a novella. Dammit.

Not dwelling on it. Must focus on putting words on the page.

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On May 11th, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC), cdennismoore commented:
That's about the most I've done in one sitting, too, and it only happened once, when I was writing the end of a novella. I did write almost an entire 6000 word story one day at work--no, wait, I mean somewhere that wasn't work!!!--but, again, I've not been able to repeat that performance.

1000 is usually my standard on a good day, although there are those occassions when the words are more forthcoming. They don't happen near enough, though.
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