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Day 39 of Session 2010, Writing Progress, OutlantaCon update

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It's Day 39, the penultimate day of the 2010 Georgia Legislative Session. Thank Jeebus it's finally here.

This session has been light on the midnight oil and slammed-unto-death days, but it's been the longest session evah, time-wise. I'd rather have more oily-slammed days and have session end in March than this extended twitch-when-will-it-be-over-twitch stress which permeates the office. Gah.

Clawing my way to the end of this week with broken and jagged fingernails, woo.


Writing Stuff

• Got an update on my panel schedule from the OutlantaCon folks. I've also been slated to be on "Beware of Homophobes, Homophobes Beware" Sat. at 6PM: Would you boycott purchasing an anthology that had writers you like in it, just because one story was by a known, vehement homophobe? Would you refuse to submit to a publication that included homophobic writers?

• And I've been invited to be a guest at Sci Fi Summer Con in June.

New Words:
• 3K words on "Rampion" and it's officially a novelette. Hmph. How did that happen?

I'm feeling:
busy busy
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