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Thank Yous and Springtime Seasonal Affective Disorder

Thanks to everyone for all your congrats for my Hugo nomination!

I'm thrilled beyond words. Literally. I keep trying to express how much being a Hugo nominee means to me, how awed I was as a young reader by the stories in the first Hugo Winners anthologies—you know the ones, edited by Isaac Asimov—and how they inspired me as a writer. And every time I try, it comes out sounding trite or inadequate. (I know, I know, some writer I am, huh?) So I'll just say that I am honored, elated, and overjoyed, and also a bit incredulous, to be on this year's Hugo ballot.

On a completely different subject, I've been wondering whether I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but not the traditional kind that kicks off in winter. I think springtime may put me in the doldrums. These last few days in Atlanta have been gorgeous—warm, bright, sunny—and I've felt irascible, logy, and generally glum. But I noticed this morning, with it's cloudy, dark, and gray skies, that I feel much better, downright upbeat.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised that my mental equilibrium is in tune with my physiology (which I already knew was in agreement with my aesthetics), and that I find the sun oppressive on multiple levels.
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