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Shakespeare Tavern, lungs, asshole in Indiana

Last night, Matthew and I had tickets to "All's Well that Ends Well" at the Shakespeare Tavern. I was still feeling a bit sickly but I popped more acetaminophen and some cough syrup, and put on my happy face. As usual, much fun was had, although this play is kinda variable. We've seen it before at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, but it was unmemorable. Literally. I didn't recognize the storyline until about one third of the way through.

Watching it brought up a storytelling element I've been dwelling on lately: pacing. I think this play's pacing was off. The first half dragged, which is unusual for this particular company as they typically have an amazing interpretation of Bill's works that translates into, among other things, incredible pacing. So I think it was the play rather than the company. Especially since the second half really picks up and just rockets along. Pacing is a tricky balancing act. Need to read more short works of people who have it down.

And, as a clumsy segue, I no longer think I've got anything resembling a cold but rather am having a full blown Lupus flare-up. I saw a blurb on CNN about Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys giving $165K to fund Lupus research because his sister died of it. When describing the cause of her death, he went on to mention a "Lupus-related cough." Gah! 1. I'm getting my health information from a Backstreet Boy. There's something really wrong about that. And 2. that reminded me that lung problems are a common symptom of Lupus, one which I hadn't had before, so I shoved it to the back of my consciousness. A quick online search pinpoints my symptoms to a T. Crap. Looks like it's time to see the doctor. Great. Stupid crappy immune system.

And finally, I heard from a person on my skunk chat list who also subscribes to a ferret list that someone in Indiana is planning on shooting their ferret if nobody will buy her. An excerpt from this asshole's email:

"I'm sorry to say that if I can't sell my ferret and cage. I'm gonna have to take it out and shoot it. I had to shoot one already but that was because she was real sick.

"There are no shelters in my area, I checked. As far as the sick ferret I shot awhile ago, I did take it to the vet, there was nothing he could do. If you people really cared, you'd buy this animal. So don't give me your shit about me being sick. I also read a suggestion about putting it in the paper. that costs money that I'm not willing
hand out for her. I came on here for some help getting rid of it. If you can't help, I understand, and I'll take care of it myself."

There's just so much wrong with this guy I can't even begin ranting about it.

The skunk chat folks are organizing a sting. They're sending him an email saying one of them is interested in buying her (he won't even just give her away, but is asking $100 for her and her cage!) in the hopes of getting him to give a phone number or address. Then they want to call the ASPCA on his ass. I hope it works. And I really, really hope they can get the little sprite away from him.

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