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Insomnia and Frolicon Panel Schedule

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Sleep was not forthcoming last night. Been taking hydroxyzine on and off to aid in sleeping this last week. Decided that I was treading the path to unhealthy and resolved to go off it before taking uppers in the morning and downers at night became a habit. Voila, insomnia. Sigh.

In other news, the Frolicon 2010 panels and workshop schedule is now online. It's still preliminary and subject to change, but I'm currently slated to be on:

Friday 4/2, 11AM-12:30PM: "Ask a Writer: Craft" - Whether you're struggling with characters who won't do what you want, a plot that doesn't seem to want to come together, difficulties making your words flow the way you want, etc., come ask our panel of writers how they do what they do. (Cancun)

Saturday 4/3, 4:15-5:45PM: "Writing Sex Scenes" - No matter what genre you write, sometimes your plot is going to take your characters into a sex scene. How do you decide what level of explicitness works? How do you keep the language from either devolving into crudeness or coming out sounding medical? There's a lot more work involved in making them arouse the reader than simply insert-tab-A-into-slot-B. (Frankfurt)

Hope to see folks there.
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On March 11th, 2010 03:31 pm (UTC), j_cheney commented:
Oh, I would love to hear that scond panel...I'm currently writing that part of the book, so I'm curious what eeveryoen would have to say.
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On March 11th, 2010 06:27 pm (UTC), eugie replied:
Wellll, any chance you'll be in Atlanta over Easter?
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On March 11th, 2010 06:31 pm (UTC), j_cheney replied:
Sadly, no...but perhpas they'll podcast it ;o) One can always hope!
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