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Hobkin Update: Vet Follow-up

Had a follow-up with the vet on Saturday. Hobkin's recent medical crisis has not improved his fondness for the vet or the clinic. There was a lot of indignant huffing and snorting, which made me wonder if the vet would be able to get a good listen with his stethoscope. Apparently, good enough.

Hobkin's lungs are completely clear, which the vet announced with no small amount of surprise. Hurray! But he also heard a mitral valve murmur. This is not surprising and is mostly indicative that Hobkin's meds are working (improved heart contractility leads to more obvious indications and symptoms of the heart's extensive dilation), but it's something else we'll need to keep an eye on.

Our vets are not exactly upbeat. One of them has said every time we've seen him (even for a routine check-up): "Y'know, skunks crash so suddenly and go downhill so fast." So when the vet started talking long-term med acquisition—we can get up to a three-month supply of Hobkin's pimobendan and enalapril—that's tantamount to unbridled optimism.

Hey, I'll take what I can get.
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