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Hobkin Update: At the Vet's, a Scary Decision

Matthew phoned. He's at the vet's with Hobkin. The vet says that one of his lungs is clear and the other is very good. And that he only needs oxygen therapy for support rather than round-the-clock. He's been downright feisty there, which is a great sign.

But now they want to anesthetize him so they can draw some blood to run tests on. They also want to see if they can pull a tooth while he's out. This is the tooth that we were planning on having them look at next month, before all this happened.

My first impulse was to have them wait a couple days for him to get stronger, but the vet is concerned that we don't know what's causing his pneumonia and he might not get better and could get worse in a couple days unless we can treat the cause--especially since his last UTI was resistant to Amoxycillin (which he's on now). And that the tooth might be the root of it all.

We decided to go ahead and have them draw his blood, and if his tooth is loose enough for the vet to pull out "with his fingers" to go ahead and do it. But putting Hobkin under is so risky. I am, once again, terrified.

O gods and spirits who watch over little animals, please, please let us have made the right call on this.

[Edit: Matthew just called. Don't know if they pulled Hobkin's tooth or not, but he is now waking up from the anesthesia, and Matthew knew I'd want to know immediately. I'm so relieved, I'm shaking.]
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