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Hobkin Update: Another quiet night, promising signs

Another quiet night. Hobkin's breathing still remains clear, but it's a little harder than it was at its best yesterday. So brought his oxygen up to 1.5 lit/min. He's also sneezing/coughing less, and--OMG frabjous day--his appetite is returning. Got him to eat egg and yogurt, peanuts, blueberries and watermelon, and some veggies--although he still needs a jump start with crickets and mealworms. Hey, anything that works. Have also started adding Pedialyte to his meals. Was encouraged enough by his appetite that I decided not to give him another shot of subcutaneous fluids this AM.

Need to go back to work today. Hope fosteronfilm can manage without me. And please, please let Hobkin keep getting better.
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