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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn't a big holiday for us. In the past, we've occasionally had friends over and done a bit of a vegetarian meal, but for the most part, we've just stayed home, maybe put together some pasta, and watched movies. But this year, Matthew bought the fixings for a complete Thanksgiving dinner. A huge faux meatloaf, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes with mushroom 'n onion gravy. Yummy. It's interesting. I remember when I first became a vegetarian how hard it was to find textured vegetable protein products, and now it's everywhere: faux hot dogs, veggie burgers, tofurky, veggie cold cuts, faux fish fillets. Hurray!

In other news, my lungs continue to try to exit my body through my throat. How fun. And my early morning insomnia has reappeared. Probably due to my weird sleep habits from being sick. Maybe I'll crack open the ole laptop and try to crank out another couple thousand words--put my early AM alertness to some use.

14K into the novel. Forging ahead. Rah. And the S&S story rewrite is complete and it's out. Ended up with exactly twenty critiques, which surprised me. By Saturday, I was only at six, and I expected this to be a thin week. But a slew of them came pouring in yesterday and Tuesday.

Again, surprising me, the overall consensus from my readers was extremely positive--including a veritably glowing one from one of my regulars whose opinion I always find invaluable. Go fig. Well, good. Hope the editors agree with them.

Buffy on Tuesday: I liked it. But they didn't reveal the conclusion of the cliffhanger moment with Giles from last week. Giiiiles! Eep. And again, I find myself saying, as I have episode after episode this season: "Poor Spike!"

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