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Brief update: still sick, Hobkin, writing stats

Haven't been LJing much. The cold I thought I was almost over seems to have decided to migrate to my chest and camp out there indefinitely in the form of a really annoying cough. Blah. Lung bits anyone?

In Hobkin news:
The other day I was making a pie, one of those no-bake, pie-in-a-box dealies. One of the instructions was to beat the filler on high with an electric mixer for three minutes.

Hobkin completely freaked out when I turned on the mixer. For something like half an hour after I finished using the mixer he tore around the house at full speed, knocking into things when he couldn't corner fast enough, terrified out of his little fuzzy mind. I tried to pick him up to calm him down and had to trap him in the bathroom in order to catch him. And then he nearly jumped out of my arms so that he could go tearing around some more. We offered him a little bit of food and he was so scared he wouldn't take it from us.

Eventually, he calmed down and then it was business as usual as he came up for snuggles, but it was really weird. I've used the mixer before around him and while he doesn't like it, he hasn't had this sort of response. He doesn't respond as wildly to the vacuum cleaner either.

Poor lil guy. I guess that means no more pie-in-a-boxes for us.

Writing stats:
- 8000 words into the novel. Still going strong.
- Re-write of S&S piece has commenced. Still surprised at how positive the feedback has been on this one.
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