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I seem to be a little disoriented after the three-day weekend. My to-do list overfloweth, but I don't know where to start. Glargh. Need coffee.
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On January 19th, 2010 04:05 pm (UTC), peadarog commented:
Damn you. You tricked me into buying a Google phone. You are the devil!

It arrives tomorrow and I can't wait.
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On January 19th, 2010 04:10 pm (UTC), eugie replied:
Mwa ha ha haaa! Welcome to the revolution!
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On January 19th, 2010 04:13 pm (UTC), peadarog replied:
I actually went for the Nexus One -- neither that or the Milestone are available here yet, so I had to spend quite a bit, unfortunately.

I'll put up a review at the weekend, if you're interested.
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On January 19th, 2010 04:30 pm (UTC), eugie replied:
Coolness! And yes, I'm quite interested in your impressions of the Nexus One. Word on the street is that Motorola will be pushing the Android 2.1 upgrade to Droids this week, and I'm eager to see how different the 2.1 versus 2.0 experience will be.

Age of the geek. Yup.
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