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Boring writing stats

29 critiques on Critters last week for my catharsis story. Goodness. Usually I expect around twenty. But the re-write's done, and it's out the door. Got a really good suggestion from a semi-regular critiquer. Love it when I get such excellent advice.

My S&S story is currently up now. Only four crits so far, but it's only Thursday. I'm very dissatisfied with that one. I think it's in the roughest shape of anything I've ever thrown to the masses. The prose in the beginning is pretty labored. A substantial overhaul will be necessary. Interesting to see what will come out after I get all the feedback in. Surprisingly, it's gotten a fairly positive reception so far. But then again, it's still early in the week.

And finally, drum-roll please, I've started on the novel. Really started on it and not just dicking around with it. Wow. 5000 words in. At this word count in a short story I'd be either winding it up, or at the very least well past the midpoint. And here I'm still only in the buildup and will be for a while yet. It's a whole different world.

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