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Better than I was

I'm on the mend. That bug really knocked me for a loop. I'm still a bit shaky, but I can walk around without getting lightheaded. That was weird.

I didn't, however, let anything as trivial as a fever and headache get in the way of my writing. (Deadline! Deadline! Ping ping ping ping!) I finished the S&S piece I was working on at a ridiculous 9000 words. But, after running it by Matthew, I realized that I do not do my best writing when I'm faintly delirious. So, one re-write later and I'm down to 7500 words and I've cut out a whole character. It's better. Still needs work, but it's nearly in first draft shape.

The "catharsis" story I've got up at Critters right now has received 12 crits so far. Coolness. But I'm hearing repeatedly that readers are finding my ending unsatisfying. Damn damn damn. Will need to re-think it in my re-write. Did I mention "damn"?

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