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Grand Jury Duty. Nooooo!

Gah! Got a summons in the mail for grand jury duty. Grand jurors, unlike trial jurors, meet twice a week for a two-month term. I actually think this might be an interesting experience, as I've never served as a grand juror before. Except for one, itty bitty problem: I've been summoned to do my civic duty during the upcoming legislative session.

The cosmos is pointing and laughing at me.

And now I wish I was at work today so I could pluck Title 15 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated off the shelf opposite my desk and figure out if I can get this deferred. Guess I have no choice but to peruse LexisNexis online, which is a pain to navigate through.

Lessee...Code Section 15-12-2: "Any person summoned to serve as a juror in any court of this state shall be excused from such service during his attendance as a legislator in the General Assembly."

@#%$! Close, but no.

Ah, here we go. Code Section 15-12-1(a)(1): "Any person who shows that he or she will be engaged during his or her term of jury duty in work necessary to the public health, safety, or good order or who shows other good cause why he or she should be exempt from jury duty may be excused by the judge of the court to which he or she has been summoned or by some other person who has been duly appointed by order of the chief judge to excuse jurors. Such a person may exercise such authority only after the establishment by court order of guidelines governing excuses."

Editing bills for the General Assembly during session counts as "work necessary to public good order" doesn't it? Urg. Hope so.
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