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Dragon*Con 2009 Guest Schedule

Received my Dragon*Con guest schedule. Here's what I'll be doing when I'm not shackled to my desk at Daily Dragon headquarters:

• Friday 9/4, Noon: Guest lecture - "Marketing Short Fiction" for Ann Crispin’s Beginner Writers Workshop.
• Saturday 9/5, 1PM: "Y’all vs. You Guys: Regional SF and Fantasy" – Southern science fiction/fantasy is often a genre to itself. Other parts of the world have their own flavor. Fairlie (Hyatt).
• Saturday 9/5, 4PM: Autograph signing. M301-M304 (Marriott).
• Sunday 9/6, 2:30PM: "Bite Me!" – The First Ladies of the Fang discuss trends in vampire fiction…and maybe more! (Moderator) Regency VI – VII (Hyatt).

The vampire one is the first panel I've ever moderated so I'm rather nervous about it. It's also in one of the big, main programming rooms, so strike "nervous" and insert "strangled by butterflies." Yeah. I'll be doing some research beforehand for that one...

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