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Skunk bath, Paul, and Firefly

Gave Hobkin a bath this morning. He really does not like them. He kept trying to cling to my sweatshirt and pull himself out of the tub while still sudsy. And his tail kept flipping around, splattering me with soapy water. And the expression on his face! It was very "Why are you doing this to me, Mom? What did I do to deserve this treatment?" Poor thing. After I toweled him down he shook (of course) throwing water everywhere, and then scampered off to his area to hide under the hutch. Silly animal. I left him alone so I could go clean the bathroom up, and when I came back, he'd forgiven me and just wanted to cuddle. Now I have a damp skunk on my lap. Well, at least he smells like apples.

Our friend Paul is flying in today! Hurray! Much pre-Halloween merriness to ensue. Wonder if Hobkin will remember him from when he was here in August.

I liked Firefly a lot last night. After the first few episodes, I was pretty disappointed with it, but after last night's, I'm interested again. Excellent pacing, excellent character development, and a much-needed explanation on the history of Serenity and her crew. It didn't have the Joss dialogue moments I look for in anything he touches, but it was well written nevertheless. I hope they don't cancel it now that it's starting to get good.
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