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Monday After Frolicon '09: Trampled by Hamster

Resuming 4x10 workweek, hurray. Frolicon was a blast, but I feel like I've been trampled by a 1-ton hamster this AM.

Panels went great, although they were smallish on the attendance side (which I was actually relieved by, as small groups ease my "omigod-public-speaking-omigod" fight/flight—well, flight mostly—impulse). And I had great fun hanging with ceciliatan on Friday at the table she most graciously shared with me:

The parties seemed a little lower key than in previous years. A sign of the economic times, perhaps? Although the 10 Commandments party (by the Jonestown folks...I think) was excellently accoutered, and the Outlantacon folks' white chocolate strawberry concoction deserves major snaps for yumminess. (I had two of those, which, for anyone who knows anything of my drinking habits and ability, is tantamount to a binge.)

dude_the flew back yesterday night, although there was speculation as to whether his flight would be canceled due to the storm. Apparently it was diverted to Moline. (Moline??) But he's safe at home now.

Got a few story ideas from the convention. Dwelling now on penning a steampunk Asian fantasy for that DAW anthology. Also, I feel the need to put together a steampunk outfit for Dragon*Con. I probably won't be able to as our finances for such thigns are limited, but the Steampunk panel at Frolicon was mightily inspiring.
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