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Death of a story

Well, I believe the nail has gone into the coffin of the Halloween story. At the Shakespeare Tavern on Saturday, I had an idea for a light little SF tale, a bit of Picture of Dorian Gray meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I jotted it down in my idea file with the intention of back burnering it until after I’d finished up the other stuff I was working on. Well, the “catharsis” story is done and waiting for critique, but I still couldn’t get back into my Halloween tale. However, I’m 1500 words into my humorous SF ditty.


Ah well. The important thing is that the words flow. It’s irritating that they don’t always flow where I want them to, but at least they’re not bottlenecked behind some logjam.

I also wrote a 1000-word essay for the hell of it. Non-fiction is so much easier to write. I should start looking into more non-fiction markets, I suppose. They pay better and there's a bigger demand for it. It's just not where my interests lay. But it's really so much easier. Argh.

In other news, Paul is coming down to visit next week for the traditional Foster Halloween fête. Hurray! And next week Nick will join him. And I still don’t have a costume. I think this weekend we need to make a trip out to Party City for some Halloweeny goodness.

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