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1st Dragon*Con 2009 Staff Meeting: Looking for 1 Reporter/Editor

The first Dragon*Con 2009 all-staff meeting was last weekend. I'm always sort of wide-eyed and sensory-overloaded at these meetings that happen during session. I'm very much an introvert, and I need to marshal energy in order to be sociable around a lot of people. And during session, all my reserves of energy are pretty much tapped out.

I do really enjoy hanging with Dragon*Con folks, but putting myself in the midst of a horde of people—composed of friends, acquaintances, and strangers—isn't something that comes naturally for me, unlike fosteronfilm, who thrives in crowds and gets energized among throngs of people. So I hope I didn't seem too weird.

Anyhoo, learned that I'm down one Daily Dragon staffer this year, so I have an opening for a reporter/editor. If anyone's looking to volunteer at the convention who's a solid writer and/or an adept copyeditor, drop me a line.

In addition to the other volunteer benefits, my staff get hours worked credit for attending (and reporting on) panels/events, opportunities to get up close and personal in one-on-one interviews with the celebs, and other perks, including press ribbons and all-access backstage passes.
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