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Hobkin and Other Updates

Taking advantage of a minor lull in bill editing at the capitol to post this.

It's now been two weeks since Hobkin's emergency vet visit, and he's got one more day of amoxicillin to go. He seems to have fully recovered from his UTI (thank all the deities who watch over fuzzy beasties) and is in downright frisky spirits.

Skunks, or at least Hobkin, display a pretty radical personality shift between spring and winter. In winter he's fat, lazy, and generally laid back. In spring, he becomes frolicsome and downright attitudinous. And apparently, it's now spring.

On Sunday, I'm reaching down to pet the deceptively mild-mannered plush critter curled up beside me, and he decided it was an invitation to wrestle. He latched all four paws around my forearm, grabbed my index finger with his teeth, and rolled (think crocodile ambushing a deer).

Now, Hobkin knows better than to bite me, but he considers it fair play to grab my forefinger right between his two top canines (which, 'cause my hands are small, is a perfect fit) where there's a little ridge of front teeth. Not sharp enough to cause damage or break the skin even if he presses down, but enough to make me go "Ow, no bite! Leggo, no bite!" while he drags me about by one finger and gleefully assures me that he's not biting.

And, once again, 8 lb fuzzy animal wins over stupid human. Yes, I think it's safe to say that Hobkin's all better.


Writing Stuff

During the times when I wasn't losing at wrestling matches against the fuzzwit, the weekend was spent editing and burning the limited edition audio MP3 CD of Returning My Sister's Face and getting the first shipment of autographed books mail-ready (which book Amazon is offering at a juicy discounted price of $21.55 right now). I'll be sending out email notices shortly to let folks know to expect them. I anticipate the second batch will be going out later this week. Thanks to everyone who ordered during the launch party!

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