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Hobkin at the Vet's

So fosteronfilm is right now with Hobkin at the vet's for an emergency visit.

Trying not to freak out. I can't be there 'cause I'm still at work, and even if I got off now, it's terribly unlikely unto impossible that I'd be able to make it to the vet's in time for the appointment. (My car's at the North Springs MARTA station, I'm at the capitol, and the vet's office is in Lawrenceville.)

We think Hobkin simply managed to scratch or cut himself in a, er, delicate area, but the alternative—internal bleeding—is something that we're not willing to gamble on. Ergo vet visit. And that scary-panic alternative is giving me serious cold sweats and shakes. Glancing compulsively at the cell phone awaiting updates...

[Edit - Update 1: Thanks for everyone's support and good wishes. Very much appreciated. Hubby just called. They think Hobkin's got kidney/bladder stones or possibly an infection. They're trying to x-ray him now to confirm whether he's got kidney stones. (I REALLY wish I was there to assist with that.) More updates as they come in...

Update 2: X-rays were clean but the vet says that doesn't preclude the possibility of stones. They decided that rather than sedate Hobkin to do a blood test, it would be safer to observe him for a couple days and administer antibiotics. So husband and skunk are heading home now with some amoxicillin and various directives and things-to-watch-for. Not a minor scratch but not as dire as other possibilities. Fretting and anxiety to continue but turned down a notch or two.

Update 3: Everyone's home now, and I'm curled up on the couch with Hobkin—not sure who's reassuring whom. On the medication front, had a flash of inspiration. In my experience, most critters really like the taste of amoxicillin, but Hobkin grouses and fights being force-fed with a feeding syringe (understandably), so I thought to try to offer it to him in a saucer. The lil guy lapped it right up, making what might have been a stressful and unpleasant 3x/day experience for all a nice treat instead! Hurray for small blessings.]
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