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Sale: "The Reign of the Wintergod" to Pseudopod; ToC-mates in 2009 Relief Anthology

So tired. Paying for the sleep deprivation of the last week+ now. Upped dose of stimulants and pouring caffeine as quickly into my system as possible, but I'm still stumbling into door frames and blinking dazedly at the computer screen—although my heart's pattering double-time. Wheee. Praying that I can fumble through today without making some calamitous boo-boo.

dude_the flew down this weekend for our annual Superbowl watching tradition. My one football game a year, and it was a great one. We decided to root for the guys wearing yellow and black (although it was a toss-up, as I like red, too), and they won! Favorite moment: winning touchdown when the ball-catching guy sat and hugged the ball after he caught it. Awww…

And dude_the introduced us to this fabulous television series, How I Met Your Mother, which stars Alyson Hannigan and has cameos from other Buffy/Firefly alums: Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, and Morena Baccarin. Enjoyed it greatly. Made it through 1.5 seasons in a two-day marathon session. Must see more.


Writing Stuff

New Words:
• 1000 on The Stupid Novel. Actually managed to get some writing done during session. A sign of the apocalypse?

• 74-day SALE of "The Reign of the Wintergod" (reprint) to Pseudopod. Hurray!
• Note from J.K. Richard, the editor of the Animal Welfare anthology that "Running on Two Legs" will be appearing in, with a link to a list of the authors in that volume. I'll be sharing a ToC with such excellent folks as Michael Jasper, Michael Merriam, Diane Payne, Mike Stone, Jennifer Brozek, and Jetse de Vries. Much coolness.

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