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New ottoman and non-Shakespeare

Yesterday, Matthew and I did our part in getting money circulating into the economy. We bought a matching ottoman for our new couch! Yay! Okay, maybe not everyone finds the prospect of new furniture as exciting as I do. Moving right along . . .

We also went to the Shakespeare Tavern to see their late night play "Tales of Terror and Fancy." They did a storyteller's version of three shorts: "The Book of Blood" by Clive Barker, "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde, and "Sikes and Nancy" by Charles Dickens. Very Halloweeny. I liked "The Happy Prince" the best. I've loved that fairy tale since I first read it as a wee lass, and Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite authors. "The Book of Blood" was nicely eerie. Clive Barker does a distinctive brand of horror that has great ambiance, although like a lot of writers, I think he's extremely variable. I was less impressed by "Sikes and Nancy" as I thought it ran a bit long, but I'm not really big on Dickens, so that might account for it. It was still all very well done, an enjoyable show. And they've added sour cream coffee cake to their late night menu. Mmm.

This late night thing is new for the Shakespeare Tavern this season. Show time is 11 PM after a regular-timed play. The next one is another Wilde play, "Salome." Again, one of my favorites. I'm curious to see how they're going to do the Dance of the Seven Veils. "Partial nudity," they warn in their write-up.

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