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Help Vera!

Spreading the word:

Vera Nazarian (norilana) of Norilana Books is facing foreclosure due to a series of truly unfortunate events (a fraudulent lawsuit, mother's illness, father's death, and sub-prime mortgage fallout).

Vera is an amazing member of our little SF community, hard working, dedicated, and supportive—a true inspiration. So if you can help out, please visit the helpvera fundraiser and charity auction LJ community. Thus far, enough has been raised through helpvera to cover Vera's back mortgage and late fees, but her house still needs costly sewer system repairs and her and her mother's health are in bad straits.


Writing Stuff

New Words:
• 750 on The Stupid Novel, and I'm over 40K! Although it's still a ways from zero draft, it's a relief to pass that little milestone.


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