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Sale to Bards and Sages Quarterly: "Gifts Not Asked For"


Writing Stuff

New Words:
• 700 on The Stupid Novel.

The spreadsheet informs me that I'm around 800 words away from the ever-so-elusive 40K. It needs to be longer than that, since the story won't be finished in 800 words—I'm thinking maybe another 10K—but 40K has been a huge ole wall that I haven't been able to get past before. And I'm actually beginning to believe I will this time. Ooo.

• 3-day pass from PodCastle on a reprint with invite to submit again.
• 11-day cordial pass from Beneath Ceaseless Skies, ditto invite to submit again.
• 5-day sale of "Gifts Not Asked For" to Bards and Sages Quarterly.

They're going to serialize it in five parts, starting with their April '09 issue. I've never had a story serialized before (although I do have a two-parter slated for publication in a couple forthcoming and yet-to-be-announced issues of Cricket), and I hadn't originally written this story to be a serial. But as I was perusing the B&SQ guidelines—which indicate that they're only looking for fiction 1.5K words or less—I saw that they were also interested in serials, with each part around that 1.5K-word mark. And I remembered that "Gifts" is broken into four or five distinct scenes of about that length. Quick tweak to change the scene breaks to part breaks, and voila, five-part story ready to be serialized. Shiny serendipity.

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