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Nobodies and Somebodies

This month has sped by way faster than I'm equipped to deal with. I'm not ready for it to be November next week!

dude_the is flying in today for his traditional Halloween visit, and the house is messy beyond messiness. Fortunately, he tends to find our domestic dishevel amusing rather than appalling.

Tomorrow, fosteronfilm and I are planning to vote, as it's my 4x10 day off. It slipped my mind until today that our planned voting day also happens to be Halloween. I mentioned that this month seems to have gotten away from me, didn't I?

I wonder if it would be deemed inappropriate if I went to our polling place in costume. I suppose that probably depends on what costume I wear…which brings up another distressing dilemma of the "how can it be the end of October already?" variety. I have no idea what I wanna be for Halloween.


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Newly published:
"Nobodies and Somebodies" is now up at the Aberrant Dreams Podcast, beautifully read by Cori Samuel, who has a way sexy accent. Yes, I'm a total sucker for accents. Go listen, yo!

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