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Hot skunk, "A Thread of Silk," Part 2 of "Writing Multicultural Fiction for Children"

Hobkin doesn't like the heat. It makes him grumpy and stompy and prone to tearing about the house huffing at things. We were hoping to be able to hold off on turning on the air conditioning for a little while longer, but ended up switching it on this weekend. I feel sorry for the little guy, after all he's got a fur coat on, and I don’t think he can tolerate as much heat as we can—especially since he doesn't drink water.

We've now switched ISPs, and not only is our connection speed noticeably faster, but part of the package deal was switching from our Dish TV to AT&T's cable—with a DVR thrown in. Really loving the DVR! I can record cartoons (from my computer, even!) and save them up to watch on weekend mornings. Rah!


Writing Stuff

• Part 2 of “Writing Multicultural Fiction for Children” (nonfiction reprint) is now up at Absolute Write.
• "A Thread of Silk" is now up in the June, 2008, issue of Baen's Universe with illustrations by Anthony Hochrein.

I've waited a looong time for this one to see print. I subbed this right before Baen's was taking an extended slush holiday, resulting in unusually long RTs. But the wait was worth it.
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