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Comcast kicked to the curb

So we're finally switching our ISP from Comcrap.

Between the appallingly bad customer service, the increasingly slow connection speeds, the frequent outages, and their throttling/blocking of peer-to-peer traffic, not to mention the premium rates they charge for this shoddy service, I've been ready to kick them to the curb for ages. But we've been holding off because 1. We wanted to ensure that the ISP we switch to will have broadband speeds comparable to what we're getting now (easier and easier to achieve as our connection speeds continued to decay to near-dial-up slowness) 2. We were hoping to take advantage of a juicy "switch to us!" incentive deal and 3. It's a ginormous pain to change email addresses, and we've wanted to gradually migrate away from our ISP email accounts.

The stars aligned, the cosmos gave its nod of approval, and lo, our new ISP destiny is now. Or rather, the end of this month.

Ergo, anyone who's still using my old Comcast email address, it's going to be deactivated in a week. Please update your address books accordingly and send all future emails to either my domain email or my gmail address.


Writing Stuff

I'm absolutely loving my new 4x10 work hours. Not only am I pleased as punch to have an extra day off each week, but I'm also tickled to have the extra hours per day at work. I can get so much more done! I've written more this week than I have since session ended, which means this is the most productive I've been all year.

New Words:
• It's hard to say. There was a lot of cutting, furious typing, and then more cutting. But I've got a handle on the WiP (the Russian folktale) where before I was vaguely unsatisfied with it. It's currently at 6,250 words, and I anticipate hitting zero draft today or tomorrow. Huzzah.

• Fan mail from school children in China (!) for "The Tax Collector's Cow" in the June, 2006, Spider, forwarded along to me by the good folks of Carus Publishing. Utterly squee-some. I love getting fan mail, of course, but I especially love hearing from my young readers.
• Contrib. copy of The WisCon Chronicles, Vol. 2: Provocative essays on feminism, race, revolution, and the future. rachel_swirsky invited me to contribute my thoughts on dealing with racist and sexist material in writers workshops for this project last year, which of course I was delighted to do, and I'd completely forgotten about it. I also didn't realize (or had totally forgotten) that it would be a gorgeous trade paperback and that I'd be getting a contrib. copy. Receiving an unexpected contrib. copy is like finding candy, a special surprise treat.
• Note from the folks at Aberrant Dreams asking me if they could buy audio rights for "Nobodies and Somebodies" (which they published in Summer, 2006, in issue #8) for a new audio venture they're putting together. Of course I said "yes." A sale out of the blue is even better than found candy!

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