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Twiddling about this week

Still floating high about selling Returning My Sister's Face to Norilana. Thanks for the deluge of congrats!

Things I've done this week:

• Sold my flash story "The Wiggly People" (audio reprint) to Drabblecast.
• Seen part 1 of my article, "Writing Multicultural Fiction for Children," reprinted at Absolute Write.
• Decided that I will try out the new flexible work hours being implemented at work. Starting next week, I'm going 4x10 (10-hour days, 4-day weeks). I used to work 9x80 at my previous job (three-day weekend every other week), which was nice, but I'm wondering if a 10-hour workday might be a bit long.
• Received, signed, and sent back contracts from Norilana, the Triangulation: Taking Flight anthology, and Drabblecast and looked over galleys from the Killers anthology and Baen's Universe.
• Broke then fixed the Daily Dragon website, giving myself a crash course in PHPMyAdmin in the process.
• Added 1 GB of RAM to my VAIO laptop, upgrading it from its original 512 MB to 1.5 GB. Very stressful, and in the end, I needed fosteronfilm to seat it properly for me; I don't get along well with hardware. But my laptop is speedy-fast now...although the hibernation function keeps going wonky.
• Joined Facebook (friend me if you've got an account!).

Things I haven't done this week:

• Write.

So yeah, not a productive week...

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