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Strong backs in Atlanta area needed: Free Books for the carting

To All You Book-loving Atlanta Locals:

I just got a note from Sean Wallace, Publisher/Editor with Prime Books/Wildside Press. It seems that SF/F publisher Meisha Merlin, which declared it was shutting down in November, has a rather large amount of stock (tens of thousands of books) in its Stone Mountain warehouse (1440 Kelton Drive, Stone Mountain) that needs to be rescued or it will all be destroyed/recycled.

Sean is renting a truck which can fit fifteen pallets, single-stacked, or thirty double-stacked, but there's no forklift available, only a pallet jack. So he has to fill the truck by hand. He'll be in town Tuesday and Wednesday (4/22 and 4/23) to load up, and he's asked me to spread the word that he's desperate for volunteers to help him. Anyone who volunteers can cart off any books they want that don't fit into the truck.

If you can help out or know of folks who might be able to, email Sean at:

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