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Taxes, Dragon*Con, various website updates

This weekend, we did our taxes. Glargh.

It was tempting to postpone filing them since we've got until May 19th due to our county being one of the ones declared as a federal disaster area from the recent tornadoes, but we (mostly fosteronfilm) went ahead and crunched the numbers and signed the forms, and they're winging their way to the IRS in time to meet the regular deadline.

I continue to be appalled at how much Uncle Sam takes out from my writing income. It's effectively double taxed—at a higher rate, even, which is supposed to make up the difference for Social Security…except I pay Social Security through my day job. Every year at this time I contemplate whether it would be beneficial to incorporate myself, start delving into the labyrinthine forms and regulations to do so, get confounded and flummoxed, and give up. So this year, I've resolved to skip the forms-->frustrated step and go straight to "give up." But I really wish I knew whether it would be worthwhile. 'Course, I could hire a tax lawyer to advise me, but I'm sure that would eat up any possible tax benefit and then some. Sigh.

In other news, while I was updating the Daily Dragon website (details below), I went in and overhauled Hobkin's website, Musta-lay-day Grove, and moved it to my domain server. Comcast, my ISP and the previous host of the site, doesn't give users admin access to the hosting space it provides (did I mention recently how much I hate Comcast?), and I wanted to upgrade Musta-lay-day Grove to a WordPress platform—which requires admin access in order to create a database and DB user. So I decided to make Musta-lay-day Grove a subdirectory of my domain.

Now I'm wondering if I want to go ahead and register a domain for Hobkin's website. I even went and checked the availability of and (unsurprisingly, both are still up for grabs). It's a silly and tiny hobby site—skunk pictures, a FAQ, and some links—so I'm not sure if I can rationalize the expense. Then again, I've maintained the thing for years, and I kind of like Hobkin having his own web presence. Ponder ponder.


Writing Stuff

Received my guest acceptance letter from Dragon*Con. I was actually thinking about not applying to be a guest this year. Last year was just so hectic with running the Daily Dragon, I had to cancel out of a lot of my panels (which, among other things, brought on a load of guilt for shirking my responsibility to those track directors) and one of my readings, and I ended up being so overbooked that I enjoyed the convention the least of any year since I started attending it. But in the end, I decided to go ahead and apply.

The thing is, sometimes my panels are the only times I manage to get out of Daily Dragon headquarters, and my guest obligations often help to ground my time sense. Knowing that I have to be at a panel at XX o'clock keeps the days from blurring into convention limbo space-time. Plus, I frequently enjoy doing panels, despite the panic and hyperventilation beforehand. Although I am going to ask the scheduling folks not to slot me for any readings. There's just way too much prep involved, and I intensely dislike doing solo speaking gigs.

On a related Dragon*Con note, the Daily Dragon website moved to a new .org URL from its old .net address, as D*C is doing an across-the-board upgrade to its website server/hosting/etc. I decided that a site overhaul for the Daily Dragon was long overdue, so I migrated it to a PHP platform, specifically WordPress, which should greatly ease DD website updates during the convention. It'll also allow my reporters to get me their articles from anywhere they've got access to the Internet during the convention. Rah.

New Words:
Zero, nada, zilch. I suck.

I tell myself that I've been busy with overhauling and upgrading my various websites, but what I've been doing is procrastinating. Going to try to apply words to page this afternoon. I've run out of excuses, and I'm getting really pissed at myself for not making some progress, any progress, on the writing.

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