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Writing Season Opens

It's been eerily quiet in the office. Many folks are gone for the week, escaping on a much-needed vacation now that session is over. I'm the only editor in residence in the editor's room today*, although the senior editor is also here in her office. One of the attorneys came in to say "hi" and fell asleep on the couch for half an hour or so—it is, admittedly, quite a comfy couch. Everyone's in serious depressurization mode.

Beginning to make forays into my to-do list. I've also opened up my writing files and have started putting (or rather, trying to put) words on the page.

*Edit: elemess came back after I posted this, so I'm no longer solitary editor in residence. Whew. ...Although apparently he's rusting...


Writing Stuff

I was utterly delighted by the wonderful things James Patrick Kelly said 'bout The Fix in his "On the Net: Son of Gallimaufry" article in the June Asimov's:

"Luckily for fans of the short form, a new site, The Fix, has arrived on the scene. Andy Cox, of TTA Press, publisher of Interzone and Black Static, and Eugie Foster have created a site that is visually pleasing and intellectually stimulating […] The columns are quite astute—I can particularly recommend James Van Pelt’s The Day Job and Scott Danielson’s Audiobook Fix. The Fix is one of the most promising new sites of 2007."


• 7-day (reprint) sale of my nonfiction article, "Writing Multicultural Fiction for Children" (Parts 1 and 2), to Absolute Write. Yay! They're slated to go up the end of April and beginning of May, respectively.
• Payment from Aeon for "Black Swan, White Swan." Me likie payment on acceptance.

New Words/Editing:
• An editing pass and 300 words on my pre-session WiP, "Morozko."

Glargh. The words, they are are not coming easily. And the ones that do come, they suck. Was feeling pretty disheartened by the end of the writing session, so I took out one of my completed (and sold) stories to read—one that I'm particularly fond of—to remind me that I am indeed capable of putting together a reasonable sentence and crafting a readable tale. 'Cause it sure doesn't feel like it.

My writing muscle's gone gimpy.
• 300 words on a new story, something light and silly that came about from a conversation fosteronfilm and I had in the car. Working title (and working title only!), "Cthulhu Editing."

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