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Session 2008

And so it begins. The Georgia Legislative Session 2008 has convened. Cue ominous music.

The gods of transportation and commuting doth smiteth me. I languished for over an hour getting to the MARTA station yesterday morning due to an accident on 400, then experienced further delays as the eastbound rail line dealt with some technical difficulties, making me late to work. And after the not-quite-as-nightmarish-but-still-awful drive down 400 this morning, I'm speculating as to whether I will need to set my alarm an extra 15 minutes earlier in order to get to work on time due to the increased congestion on 400. Glargh.


Writing Stuff

Joined up with this weekend. The site is a new concept (masterminded by Nancy Fulda) where writers can market their previously published work. In a nutshell, readers can construct and buy their own, customized hard copy (trade paperback) anthology by selecting from the offered short stories on the site. Writers earn royalties and get a chance to get out-of-print stories back into circulation. Shiny, huh?

I sent over a quartet of vampire stories: "The Few, the Proud, the Leech Corps," originally published in the now-defunct Oceans of the Mind; "Ascendancy of Blood," my first Scrybe Press chapbook; and "Still My Beating Heart" and "Inspirations End," my second Scrybe Press chapbook--both chapbooks now being officially out of print as I've severed my contract with Scrybe.

Dwelling on what other stories I might want to send to, but if anyone wants a hard copy collection of those four vampire tales, they're available.
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