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Going into Session '08 and Rich Horton's end-of-year summary

The legislature convenes on the 14th, but work's been ramping up already, even had to do some overtime last week. And I expect to have to work next weekend. It means I haven't had as much time to write as I'd hoped.

Still, I'm looking forward to session starting. There's a certain single-mindedness about it that's restful, even while the work is stressful and exhausting. I mean, while session is incredibly intense, it's also simple. The only thing I'm able to worry about during session is getting through it. I haven't the time or energy to do anything else but throw myself into the work, so I can't dwell on or fret about anything else.

Makes me realize that I always have a lot on my mind: that WiP I should be working on, the @#%$^% novel I haven't written, various deadlines, projects, professional correspondences, submissions and markets, and other hamsters I'm perpetually juggling. During session, all of that has to take a distant second place, and it's . . . liberating.

Yep, the workings of my psyche are weird and contradictory.


Writing Stuff

Rich Horton (ecbatan), regular reviewer for Locus and Year's Best editor, is doing a year-end summary on his LJ of many of the publications from 2007, and I was delighted to see that he gave snaps to several of my stories that were published last year: "Beauty's Folly" in OSC's InterGalactic Medicine Show, "End of the Universe" in Darker Matter, and particularly "Close to Death" in Shiny, of which he says:

From the first issue my favorite was Eugie Foster’s "Close to Death", a lighthearted piece about a literal encounter with Death on an Atlanta freeway.

Happy squeeage!

• Payment for "Beautiful Summer" in forthcoming anthology, Killers.

New Words:
• An editing pass and around 100 words on "Morozko." Going to try to finish the final scene this week and put a fork in this one.

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