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Skunk: 1; Christmas Tree: 0

So I got an email this morning from fosteronfilm with the subject "Famous last words" reading:

The Germans can never attack through the Arden.
The Hindenburg will work fine on hydrogen.
The Christmas tree will be perfectly safe from Hobkin on the lower speaker.

The last sentence being, of course, foolishly uttered by me this weekend as we were putting up our Xmas decorations. Seems this morning, while I was at work and Matthew was asleep, the fuzzwit pulled some ornaments down, turning one into so much Styrofoam confetti, and terrorized a wooden mouse.

We'll be moving that tree higher . . .


Writing Stuff

• 619-day SALE of "A Thread of Silk" to Baen's Universe. Woohoo! This one was definitely worth the wait! I've been dying to break into these folks.

New Words:
• 500 words on WiP, "Morozko." (2785/3500)

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