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Well, on the plus side of things, the new story is going well. On the minus side, my brain's not so much. The other day, I was deep in writer-mode as I stood on the MARTA platform, waiting for the northbound train to take me home—eager/anxious to open up my laptop so I could jot down my ideas before they slipped away. Train pulls in; I scamper to a seat and happily commence typing away.

Twenty-five or so minutes later, end of the line, everyone off. I look up and realize I'm at Doraville, not North Springs.


In my creative fugue, I got on the wrong train. And not only did I fail to notice that the train I was boarding was Doraville-bound, but I also totally missed all of the periodic announcements informing me of that fact—which, in my defense, were far more mumbley than usual.

Had to take the southbound back and transfer to the North Springs line, tacking on another forty-five mintues to my already hour-long, home-going commute. And since I wanted to make sure I didn't miss the transfer station, I put away my computer and twiddled my thumbs during that leg of it.

Yepper, I'm losing my mind.


Writing Stuff

Got in the last crits for "Biba Jibun" (oodles of thank yous to mouseferatu, mroctober, and sboydtaylor), did a final tweak and editing pass, and sent it off to the Datlow/Windling duo. Crossing everything that's crossable (and one or two things that aren't) that they like it.

- Payment and a Christmas bonus gift certificate (!) from my editor for my December (and last) Writing for Young Readers column. *sniffle* I miss that hamster already.
- Note from the CRW folks inviting me to conduct another writing workshop for them. I agreed, so I'll be teaching an online workshop on Character Development for them next October.

That promises to be enjoyable. "Character development" is much like "adventures and discoveries in psychology" for me. Will post more details and links to register for it down the road.

New Words:
- 1000 on Russian fairy tale re-telling, "Morozko" (working title). I'm thinking this one will come in at around 3.5K, but I no longer trust my word-count-fu. It's steered me wrong too often recently.

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