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Post-Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving was lower key than I planned. For most of the weekend, I slumped on the couch, alternating between pitiful whimpers and pained moans. Between the little men hammering inside my skull, the sundry aches and soreness of the rest of me, and a queasy tummy from popping Tramadols*, I only managed to venture forth from the house once.

Hobkin and fosteronfilm took turns sitting with me and being comforting, of which I am verily thankful for.

I think a weather-related pressure change is the culprit. I'm better now, although my sinuses are still giving off threatening twinges, and my shoulder is one shrug away from becoming (once again) a knotwork of "ow."

*How in the name of anything holy could anyone even consider using Tramadol recreationally? I took two 50mg pills, twice a day—less than the maximum dose specified on the bottle, let me add—and even the thought of food made me turn green(er).


Writing Stuff

Less writing got done than I'd hoped over the holiday weekend, but then, I usually accomplish less than I plan to over holidays. Good intentions, foo.

• Contract from Llewellyn Press for "A Nose for Magic."
• 253-day cordial pass from Aberrant Dreams.
• Invite from squirrel_monkey to submit to a Russian themed anthology she's editing. It's the next (I assume) in an anthology series, forthcoming by Prime Books, each drawn from a different world mythology (the first being Japanese Dreams which includes my story, "The Tears of My Mother, the Shell of My Father"—due out this monthish). Of course I said "yes." I love world folklore/mythology/fairy tales, and this will give me an opportunity to explore in greater depth Russian fairy tales, which I've always adored.

New Words/Editing:
• 1000 words on my last (*sniffle*) Writing for Young Readers column: "Happily Ever After." I thought it fitting that the topic for the final one be "endings." Did several clean-up passes and sent it off to the editor.

And thus, I set down another hamster and bid it a teary farewell.

• "The Raven's Brocade" in the December issue of Cricket:

I've said it before, but it bears saying again. I really love seeing my stories in Cricket. The artwork which accompanies them is always so wonderful.

Illustrations for "The Raven's Brocade" by Nicole Wong
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