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Is that . . . ? Yes, yes it is. An even keel!

Had a follow-up appointment with my rheumatologist. Also had to jump through fiery hoops of doom to get my Adderall refilled through my p-doc. The clinic where both are located is somewhat out of the way for me, and with Adderall being a controlled med, Murphy guffaws big-time if I try transferring it to another pharmacy since they can't fax or otherwise electronically transfer the 'scrip like other meds. Experience has taught me such attempts only bring about debacles galore, ergo the whole two birds, one stone thing.

But I should have known to expect a headache. It's always a huge fiasco whenever I need to get a refill, made worse by the egregious ineptitude of my HMO who won't allow fosteronfilm to take care of the red tape for me, despite my having filled out a legal waiver giving my consent and permission for him to do so on my behalf. Add to that the cost we're paying for health insurance through my employer is increasing by 10% next year and that my HMO is the most expensive one they offer, and it's aggravating, it is.

I'd want to switch plans, except I really, really adore my rheumatologist. Not only is he the doctor who managed to get me out of a two-month-long flare-up and keep me stable for years now, but he's a real doctor to me. He treats me like a person, not just a list of symptoms, and actually remembers little personal details about my life and medical history, unlike all the other medical professionals I've seen who I doubt would be able to pick me out of a lineup. If I don't mention something that troubled me in the past (as in years in the past, even), he takes the time to ask about it: whether I'm better, if I'm still experiencing it, etc. He's a great doctor, probably the best I've ever had.

He also makes me giggle. He has a bit of a temper*, but it's not an evil-scary temper but an endearing-grandfatherly temper. After my appointment, I witnessed a tirade to his nurse about some difficulties they're having with their computers and the tech support who're supposed to fix it. It made me twitter and want to give him a hug.

So I guess I'm sticking with my current HMO and health plan, despite all the other myriad aggravations.

*He yelled at me the first time I saw him for not seeing a specialist before about my lupus--which I hadn't done due to the brilliant advice of my previous doctor who told me--even as my flare-ups were getting more regular, longer, and harder to recover from--to just treat the symptoms when I had them.


Writing Stuff

The Fix has reached routine maintenance mode, my deadlines are in a manageable state, and I just finished the story I've been fretting about.

It's official; I've hit an even keel.

And it's . . . weird. I feel downright disoriented not having to juggle a bazillion things at the same time, not freaking out about deadlines, or not stressing about the massive pileup of items on my things-to-do list. Huh.

Well, as predicted, my even keel hit just in time for the holiday chaos to commence, so I can't imagine it'll last. Although I think I really ought to want it to last. And maybe now I can get some work down on that %#&@! YA novel that I set aside in June and haven't picked up since.

New Words:
- 1250 words on "White Rabbit" which I've re-titled "Biba Jibun." Hit zero draft over the weekend and had fosteronfilm first-reader it. It ended up being 6K, and I'm miffed that I couldn't get it down to 5.5K or less. Importuning a couple other folks to look it over now, and then it's off to the Datlow/Windling duo.


God, I hope it doesn't suck. When I finished the zero draft, I felt pretty elated, pretty pleased with it. But I gave it a couple days and did an editing pass. Subsequently, I'm far less elated and much less pleased with it.

Again, I say "meep."


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